Great New Car Buying Tips Go Beyond Quality, Price, Interest Rates, & Trade-in Negotiations

The new car buying tips friends most often request from me involve, “ how to negotiate the best deal at a dealership.” While great new car buying tips include effective price negotiations, you have far bigger fish to fry when trusting anybody’s new car buying tips. My published and copyrighted new car buying tips include divulging all the horrifying Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know. For example, the average dealer profit when selling you a new car (non-luxury brand) hovers around $1,500. New car buying tips must save more money than the measly $1,500 that dealers control. New car buying tips must expose the hidden truth behind the automotive industry. You need to understand the impacts of depreciation and predatory interest rate calculations used by the automotive industry. Great new car buying tips don’t come from experienced buyers. They come from experienced industry insiders like me.

In my book Car Wreck; How You Got Rear-Ended, Run Over & Crushed by The U.S. Auto Industry, I teach you how rebates and rental cars affect the depreciation of both the car you buy and the one you trade in. I cite cases where consumers have lost half their money in the first week of ownership, simply by purchasing and registering the wrong car. I teach you how to understand advertising. I simplify an explanation about leasing and the hedge it provides against resale risk. Furthermore, I teach you how interest charges are rear-ending consumers in 33 states. You are not alone. The impacts are of pandemic proportions. The average consumer owes his bank $4,700 more on their car than its truly worth. Learn how you got this way and what to do about it!

The great new car buying tips you will find in Car Wreck will help you protect your wallet beyond a thousand or two in savings by negotiating price alone. You could pay list price for a new car and my new car buying tips will have you saving more money than even the finest negotiators. My new car buying tips will have you enjoying the new car buying process while saving you money. My new car buying tips tip the scales in your favor—regardless of your debt, credit, or income situation and the auto loans you qualify for.